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The many days of Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011!  
ETERNAL LIFE: No Longer Possible!! ***

Whoso keeps the commandment shall feel no evil: and a wise man's heart discerns [will know] both time and judgment - Ec. 8:5

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May 21, 2011 began Judgment Day!

On May 21, 2011 , many were expecting the beginning of God's judgment on this world, but nothing apparently happened . . . or did it? Indeed, Judgment Day, which consists of many days (Isaiah 24:22), actually did begin, but instead of coming by outward and physical earthquakes, the rapture, physical deaths, and the like, it first began a period of spiritual judgment, whereby the Lord has brought an end to any more possibility for eternal life and salvation anywhere in the whole world, as we had always taught that He would do when Judgment Day began. So, when Judgment Day did begin on May 21, 2011, immediate eternal and spiritual destruction came upon everyone who had not already been granted eternal life and salvation through Jesus Christ, and this same immediate eternal and spiritual destruction came upon every single child that would ever be conceived thereafter (Isaiah13:18) because ever since Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011, they are all now absolutely guaranteed to not be granted eternal life and salvation but will all instead be relatively soon destroyed for all their sins on the relatively soon to come Last Day of Judgment Day that we are now in, for God has said, all have sinned (Romans 3:23); and the wicked [all the unsaved people in the world] are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies (Psalm 58:3); and the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Thus, in a real way, The End already came on May 21, 2011 because on that date, all the billions of unsaved people in the world,  including all the babies that would be conceived and born thereafter, are now certain to perish on the relatively soon to come Last Day of Judgment Day that we are now in with no hope for eternal life and salvation through Jesus Christ. And until that relatively soon, Last Day of Judgment Day comes when all the billions of unsaved people will be physically cast into the Lake of Fire due to their many sins, God has been removing His Holy Spirit of restraint to humankind's natural sinfulness to give them over to their own evil as part of His judgment against them. And He has even sent spiritual and invisible locusts into the whole world to begin eating up the spiritual good fruits of humankind such as, but certainly not limited to, their rights and freedoms, and much more (Revelation 9:1-5 and 6-12). This is all in preparation for the final outward and physical judgment, which is relatively soon to come on the Last Day of Judgment Day that we are now in, when the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up (2Peter 3:10), and all the billions of unsaved people in the churches and the world will be cast into the Lake of Fire to pay for their sins (Revelation 20:15). THE END OF ALL THINGS IS UPON YOU!

Now, this bringing of the spiritual judgment first, and then the physical judgment later, is exactly how God first brought judgment upon the human race in the beginning to give us a model for the End. God first brought spiritual judgment on the day Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit (Genesis Chapter 3), for on that very day they both spiritually died (they lost spiritual relationship with God to see that they were naked in their sin), and then He brought the physical judgment upon them years later when as a result of their sin, Adam and Eve did finally physically die as now we all do but with much shorter life spans. Adam was simply told that the day he ate of the forbidden fruit, he would surely die (Genesis 2:16-17), but they had no idea that this meant spiritual death first, and then physical death later. What we see, then, is precedence for the spiritual judgment coming first, and then the physical judgment coming later. And just as Adam and Eve had no idea that death meant spiritual death first, so also, before Judgment Day came on May 21, 2011, God's true people had no idea that Judgment Day meant spiritual death to the whole world first, and then the physical and outward judgment would come to it later. This is why before Judgment Day actually began on May 21, 2011, God's Elect thought that Judgment Day would begin with outward and physical destruction instead of beginning with spiritual destruction and the outward and physical destruction coming relatively soon thereafter. But now, after humbly searching further in the Holy Scriptures, we know that spiritual judgment came first, and the physical judgment will come relatively soon. THE END OF ALL THINGS IS UPON YOU!

Furthermore, the spiritual nature of the end-time events wrought in the Biblical Timeline supports a spiritual judgment first on May 21, 2011  as well. According to the well-provenBiblical Timeline of History, judgment began on the churches on May 21, 1988, but nothing outward and physical took place in order to mark that date; it was a spiritual judgment upon the churches (see Why Leave All Churches). Likewise, according to the Biblical Timeline of History, the Latter Rain began on September 7, 1994 in which God began to save a Great Multitude outside of the churches, but nothing outward and physical took place in order to mark that date; it was the beginning of a tremendous spiritual salvation for the world. So likewise, doesn't it make sense that May 21, 2011 , which is also wrought in the Biblical Timeline of History , would also be manifested spiritually instead of being outward and physical (also read " How We Know May 21, 2011 Began a SPIRITUAL Judgment")?  
This is what is going on:  May 21, 2011 did begin Judgment Day upon the world, but first, it is an invisible, spiritual judgment so that it may appear like nothing has or is happening. Nevertheless, there is something happening: no one is any longer being granted true eternal life and salvation but are instead being saved into counterfeit gospels through the counterfeit Christs, of THE ANTICHRIST, Satan himself (also called the Man of Sin), who has been given by God to rule over all the churches and congregations worldwide, for judgment [had to] begin with the House of God (1Peter 4:17 - listen to 2Thessalonians 2:1-11, Why leave all churches?, The Final Tribulation, Revelation 8:7-9, 10-13, and all of Revelation 13). Furthermore, the peoples of the world and Christian churches are being hardened in their sins like never before. This is, first, a spiritual judgment against the whole world that also continues against all the Christian churches worldwide in preparation for the final outward and physical judgment which is relatively soon to come on the Last Day of Judgment Day that we are now in . According to Revelation 9:5 and 10, it is a 5 month period from May 21, 2011 to the very End (not a literal 5 months from May 21, 2011 to October 21, 2011 as some once thought, but a symbolic 5 months  [the number 5 just symbolizes a period of judgment without defining how long it will be] ) when spiritual and invisible locusts of judgment have been sent out into the world in order to spiritually devour or eat up the spiritual good fruits of humankind such as their rights and freedoms, and much more (see study " Who Are The Locusts Of Revelation 9? " and Revelation 9 ). These spiritual and invisible locusts also work in accord with the Elect of God as they declare Judgment Day upon the world with no more eternal life and salvation possible for anyone who was not already granted eternal life and salvation by May 21, 2011 through the only way ever possible, namely Jesus Christ. As God's Elect declare these terrible things in obedience to their Lord, the spiritual and invisible locusts sent into the world eat up and devour the spiritual good fruits of humankind such as, for instance, their rights and freedoms, even their right to live as we are already witnessing millions of peoples purposely murdered and maimed by a purposely-released, manmade Covid Bioweapon along with its falsely-called vaccines that are also Bioweapons in an attempt by the degenerate so-called Global Elite to control population growth. Much more is sure to come, including such things as the stealing of elections, energy and food shortages, and other terrible things upon the earth! Make no mistake, this is all happening as part of God's Final Judgment Plan to finally begin destroying humankind for their now about 13,035 years of rebellion and sins against Him (see Biblical Timeline of History). I would say, Repent to all the churches and the world, but true repentance unto forgiveness of sins is no longer being granted by God, and that is the worse thing of all. His great patience with humankind is finally coming to an End. Indeed, THE END OF ALL THINGS IS UPON YOU!

Now, these spiritual and invisible locusts also work with the people of God to bring judgment on all those still in the Christian churches and congregations worldwide, for all God's true people or Elect were commanded to depart out from them all to escape God's wrath ever since Judgment first began with the House of God on May 21, 1988 according to the very accurate Biblical Timeline. And now, ever since Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011, all possibility for eternal salvation has been removed from everyone in all the Christian churches and the whole world who were not already eternally saved by then, including every child that has ever been conceived since then ( Isaiah 13:18 ). This is why that during this time period scripture says, 

Re 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them .

The death being sought after during these days is not physical death, but it is spiritual death in Jesus Christ (see Revelation 9 Part 2 ). In plain words, there are many people in our day who are seeking eternal life and salvation through the faith of Jesus Christ, but it flees from them because this is a time of spiritual judgment upon the world in which the Holy Spirit and eternal life and salvation has been completely removed from all the Christian churches and the whole world in preparation for the final physical judgment yet to come. The only salvations any longer taking place are counterfeit salvations into counterfeit Christs or gospels in an attempt by Satan to deceive the Elect of God, if that were possible (Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22).

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We read a description of this same time period in Revelation 22 where it reads, 

Re 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still
The reason this scripture says that the unjust - unsaved - will remain unjust; that is, unsaved, and he which is filthy - unsaved - will remain filthy; that is, unsaved, is because the Lord has removed eternal life and salvation from all the Christian churches and the entire world, which means that the unjust and filthy - the unsaved - cannot become saved, but they will be left, even hardened, to remain in their sin. And he that is righteous, and he that is holy - the eternally saved - will remain as such because they cannot lose their salvations in Jesus Christ. 

Further support for salvation having ended during this time period in which we now find ourselves after May 21, 2011 comes from what we read in Mark and Matthew:

Mr 13:24 But in those days, after that tribulation , the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light  
And, again, in its parallel passage,

Mt 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken .   

Notice that immediately after the tribulation (the Great Tribulation), which we know was completely spiritual and ended on May 21, 2011 according to the Biblical Timeline of History  (see proofs ), the sun is darkened, the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven. This is spiritual language describing the end of eternal life and salvation after May 21, 2011 (see Isaiah 13:10 ; Revelation 6:12-13 ) . The sun represents Christ, and for Christ to be darkened means that the light of salvation is no longer shining unto salvation. The moon represents the law of God, and for the moon not to give her light means that the law is no longer shining forth to lead unto salvation. The stars represent believers in Jesus Christ, and for them to fall from heaven means that the light of salvation is no longer shining to the world through them. O yes, there are still so-called Christians who think they are proclaiming the gospel, but it is all in vain because the Holy Spirit is no longer working to apply the gospel to anyone's heart unto true eternal life and salvation although the counterfeit, unholy spirit of the perfect counterfeit Christ, THE ANTICHRIST, Satan himself (also called the Man of Sin) is bringing about many counterfeit salvations in or thru so-called Christian churches to deceive God's Elect who are no longer in any church if that were possible (Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22). Indeed, based upon the language of the previously read scriptures, it is clear that eternal life and salvation has come to an end ever since May 21, 2011 (see also " Is God Still Saving? " and Luke 11:5-13 Isaiah 13:10, scroll down to verse 10 and Isaiah 13:14 and  Revelation 18 study - Part 3, scroll to verses 21-23 and Revelation 9:1-5 and verse 6 of Revelation 9:6-12  and Revelation 6:12-13  and Jeremiah 50, scroll down to verse 12 and  Jeremiah 50:16-17 , Jeremiah 50:40 , Jeremiah 51:26 , Jeremiah 51:30 and 32 , Jeremiah 51:36 , Jeremiah 51:43-44 , Jeremiah 51:55 , Jeremiah 51:58, Isaiah 26:20 ). Indeed, for those who have been given eyes to see, this end to eternal life and salvation is revealed in many places of Holy Scripture.

Now, the real Great Tribulation and the real Antichrist already came despite what the false prophets are telling you, which was and even continues to be God's spiritual Judgment against all the Christian churches worldwide by having given them over to the perfect counterfeit Christ, THE ANTICHRIST, Satan himself, to rule over them without them even knowing it due to all their sins (see Revelation 8:7-9 , 10-13 , and all of  Revelation 13 ). But God's true people have departed out from all the Christian churches to have escaped that Judgment in obedience to their Lord (see Why leave all churches?). No, there will be no Golden Age and salvation for the nation of Israel (see How was May 21, 2011 first hypothesized? and scroll down and read under the subheading, The FigTree Parable); and, no, any rebuilt physical temple in the old, passing away earthly Jerusalem could never be the Holy Place, for as Christ hung on the cross in 33 AD, and the veil of the old physical temple was rent in two from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45), this signified that the old physical temple would no longer be the Holy Place, but the Holy Place became all the Christian churches worldwide (1 Cor. 3:16-17; 2Cor. 6:16; Why leave all churches?). Therefore, the Holy Place in which the scriptures teach that the Antichrist would take up his seat of rule in the latter days or endtimes could not possibly be the old, to-supposedly-be-rebuilt physical Jewish temple in the old, passing away earthly Jerusalem, for it is no longer the Holy Place and never will be, but after the cross, all the Christian churches worldwide in which the true believers in Christ once gathered became the new Holy Place, and that is where the true Antichrist, the counterfeit Christ, Satan himself (also called the Man of Sin) already came and took up his seat of rule beginning on May 21, 1988 according to the very accurateBiblical Timeline of History to be used by God to bring God's Judgment against His very own House or Temple, for God's Final Judgment [had to] begin at the House of God (1Peter 4:17); and, no, there will be no literal 1,000 year reign of Christ from Jerusalem on this sin-cursed earth (carefully read all of Revelation 20:1-8). There is also no such thing as a rapture before or during the Great Tribulation in the Bible, for as was already stated, the Great Tribulation already ended when Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011 (see When is the Rapture?). Those are all lies of the devil and his false prophets still in the churches! THE END OF ALL THINGS IS UPON YOU!
The next significant events will be when Christ comes to take His people to heaven on the Last Day of Judgment Day that we are now in (see When is the Rapture?); give His true people new glorious, incorruptible, and sinless bodies; destroy this world by fire along with Satan, his demons, and all the billions of unsaved people both in all the Christian churches and the entire world; and then He will create a new incorruptible and eternal heaven and earth from the ashes of this one wherein His people will dwell in righteousness and glory forevermore, where there is no longer any death, sickness, sorrow, or pain (Revelation 21part1). To Him, our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, be all the glory forever and ever, amen. COME QUICKLY LORD!     

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