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The many days of Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011!  
ETERNAL LIFE: No Longer Possible!! ***

Whoso keeps the commandment shall feel no evil: and a wise man's heart discerns [will know] both time and judgment - Ec. 8:5

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also are we being led to our deaths to this world so that we will have life, eternal life, in the world to come. And not just eternal life, but a glorious and magnificent life in new glorious, incorruptible, and sinless bodies, and in a new glorious, incorruptible, heaven and earth where there will no longer be suffering and pain, nor death and sorrow, but only unspeakable joy with thanksgiving as we rule and reign forever with our wonderful God, Jesus Christ, who lifts up the poor and wretched that we all once were from the dung heap, to make them all prophets, priest, and kings; even us, who all glory in the one true Christ; not the counterfeit Christ, Satan, who has now been ruling over the Christian Church ever since the Great Tribulation as God's Judgment against them, but the one and only true God, who is manifested in three different persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, mystery to soon be revealed, to all us who will rejoice at His soon appearing, any day now and likely up to no later than by about the year 2035 AD. Could it be during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2026 AD? Or in the year 2034 AD? Could be! But since we know nothing yet for certain, let's all be ready any day now, or He could come on a day that we do not expect and find us naked to be cast out with all the hypocrits! 

Please pray earnestly for me like never before that I might be able to return more completely to the study and declaration of God's word that I love more than anything else; that the trial I am now undergoing in this world will pass, and that it will not

from the Christian Church in obedience to our Lord to escape His Judgment. Although all those who have been continually being given the Mark of the Beast, who are all those still in the Christian churches, believe that Christ is still in the Church and working signs and wonders to validate the image or idol of the beast that they worship by apparent eternal salvations, or apparent miracles of healing, or supposed direct messages from God in voices, dreams, visions, tongues, words of knowledge, prophesyings, and more, we know that all those things are an attempt to deceive us, the Elect, if that were possible. But it is not possible to deceive God's Elect because unlike all them, the Spirit of God has all along been leading us into all the truth, step by step, until we come to the complete fullness of the truth at the soon appearing of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who will destroy forever that wicked one (the counterfeit Christ, the Antichrist, also called the Man of Sin, Satan himself) with the breath of His coming.  
I want you all to know that I have been doing my best to deal with a great trial that has come my way, which is why you have not heard from me in awhile either by email or new messages on the site. No, I have not yet passed on as some may have thought, but I wish I had, for that would be so much better than having to remain to endure the stress and pain laid before me until I be taken into glory. Indeed, just as Christ, and then the Apostles, were all led to their deaths to this world to picture what must need happen to all God's people in this life, so

consume all my energy, but that I might grow stronger through each trial and test until the coming of our Lord. Pray for this ministry in everything brought to mind. Yearly Hosting fees for the site come due this January, so if you are able to help without hardship, please do. I do not need any money for myself but only for ministry expenses, for I would rather be rewarded for my personal work once in heaven. At this time, I, myself, being poor and yet rich, have everything that I need, except, of course, your prayers. Please pray for my autistic and schizophrenic daughter that she can take care of herself and not be deceived or harmed by the stranger that she has run off with, and, as the Lord wills, I will be filing for Guardianship over her on Monday because her life is now at great risk, and the laws in Oregon keep me from being able to really help her without Guardianship. 

I am so thankful for everyone who has supported this ministry with a mind toward obedience to Christ, and, as the Lord wills and provides, perhaps, in the next year, we can begin to meet together at least once a week online to the glory of the Father and the Son with a purpose of His making. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

We cannot be deceived, but we must be tested!
By Brother Mike (12-17-23 Email)  

Grace to all who are in Jesus Christ; who have been granted insight into that God's Final Judgment has come upon the entire world, and so know it had to have first come upon the corporate Christian Church, which it did on May 21,1988 according to the perfectly accurate Biblical Timeline of History, by the Abomination of Desolation, the counterfeit Christ, the Antichrist (also called the Man of Sin), Satan himself, having been given rule over the Christian Church to bring God's Judgment against them unto complete spiritual destruction through the deception of making all those who will not depart out from their churches believe that they are going to church to worship Christ when, instead, they are worshipping the devil without even knowing. Their notion and belief that Christ is still in the Christian Church is the image of the beast and idol they worship. They have all been continually receiving the spiritual Mark of this Beast (our next study to soon come will speak on this in Revelation 13:16 ) that reveals who they belong to, namely that perfect counterfeit Christ, the Antichrist, Satan, whose complete end is now at hand in but a little season from today to fulfill Holy Scripture handed down to us from the days of old.  
But you who are truly in Christ are not being deceived, for you have all departed out

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