This section reveals a little about the life of the maker and author of this web site, Brother Mike 


Who I am is not important , but leave it to say, I am just another voice crying out in the wilderness, be reconciled to God, for the day of His judgment and wrath is come

With that said, let me tell you a little about myself. I was educated in biology and the sciences and attended some of the most prestigious Universities in the state of California. Although I was initially a premedical student, I finally graduated with a degree in the Life Sciences, and then a 5th year graduate degree in teaching. It was around 1980 when Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me apart from any church or religious up bringing, which resulted in an intense desire to learn the Bible, and so my life became consumed with learning every thing I could therein without the indoctrination of any particular church or ministry of which I am still very thankful. I do not consider myself a follower of any man or ministry, but I am a follower of Jesus Christ who is revealed through the Holy Bible. In my God-given zeal for the scripture and its original languages, I also attended several of the most conservative and reformed seminaries in the country until in the year 1988 when the Lord brought me out.  

As my knowledge in the Bible increased, I soon began to see the apostacy or falling away of the christian churches. I found it very difficult to fit in anywhere, and wondered why God had led me to what seemed to be a dead end for ministry. I had it in my heart that I was willing to go anywhere to minister for the Lord, but every direction I turned in so far as ministry in the church was concerned was like hitting my head against the wall. Why was this happening became my prayer to God, but my prayer was not answered until some years later. I wanted to minister and use my gifts in God's church to serve Him, but it seemed like the spiritual forces in the church were against me. So I then began teaching the sciences in a public school, but after one year, I was thrown out due to my religious beliefs although this was not the reason given. Then in about 1994 I was thrown out of teaching in a so-called christian school because I did not agree with some of the things they were spiritually teaching.  

It was only years later that the Lord finally revealed to me in the Bible what was going on. What He revealed to me was that the church age was over, and that God's judgment had come upon all the churches by giving them all over to Satan, who is the false Christ, and that the true believers were commanded to come out of them all (see Why Leave All The Churches). No wonder I couldn't fit in - I wasn't even suppose to be in the church! The Lord was in fact sparing me from Satan's attack by closing all doors of ministry in the church to me. It was an act of great love toward me that I couldn't then recognize, but now I can clearly see.