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The many days of Judgment Day began on May 21, 2011!  
ETERNAL LIFE: No Longer Possible!! ***

Whoso keeps the commandment shall feel no evil: and a wise man's heart discerns [will know] both time and judgment - Ec. 8:5

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This section reveals a little about the life of the maker and author of this web site, Brother Mike 


Who I am is not important , but leave it to say, I am first of all a voice crying out to all the Christian churches ever since May 21, 1988, but now also, ever since May 21, 2011, I am crying out to the whole world, the end of all things and the wrath of God is now upon you!

With that said, let me tell you a little about myself. I was educated in the sciences with a minor in World
Religions (biology, human biology, evolution (a bunch of BS and way off on the age of the earth due to faulty assumptions), first aide with CPR, enviromental biology, molecular biology and virology, biochemistry, botany, physical science, physics, organic and inorganic chemistries, geology (way off on the age of the earth due to faulty assumptions), statistics, calculus, weather, psychology, and more; and I attended some of the most prestigious Universities in the State of California that I could never attend in this day and age). Although I was initially a premedical student, I finally graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in the sciences and then a 5th year Graduate Degree in teaching. It was in 1979 when Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me apart from any particular church or religious up bringing, which resulted in an intense desire to just learn the Bible, and so my life became consumed with learning every thing I could in God's word without the indoctrination of any particular church or ministry of which I am still very thankful. I do not consider myself a follower of any man or ministry, thank God, but I am a follower of Jesus Christ who is revealed through the Holy Bible. In my God-given zeal for the holy scriptures and its original languages, I also attended some of the most conservative and Reformed Seminaries in the country until in the year 1988 when the Lord brought me out. I was willing to go wherever the Lord wanted me to.

As my knowledge in the Bible increased, I soon saw the apostacy or falling away of the Christian churches (2 Thessalonians Chapter 2). I found it very difficult to fit in anywhere and wondered why God had led me to what seemed to be a deadend for ministry. I had it in my heart that I was willing to go anywhere to minister for the Lord, but every direction I turned in so far as ministry in the church was concerned was like hitting my head against the wall even though for several years, God did permit me to be a pastor in a small, independent Baptist Church. Most Reformed Churches excluded me from the ministry because I rejected Infant Baptism on solid grounds, and many other churches rejected me because I strongly rejected Dispensational Premillenialism with their literal 1,000 year reign of Christ from the literal earthly Jerusalem, which theology I had learned on my own was an abomination to God as it required the butchering of Holy Scripture in a big way even though many evangelicals held that view due to their leaders who passed it on to them due to an unbiblical method of interpretation and having learned it from one of their past theologian's books that they just passed on to one another. Yes, there seemed to always be something that kept me from using my gifts to their fullest in the Christian churches as the churches fell further and further from the truth. I also strongly rejected the Charismatic movement, which God has been using to bring Judgment against His very own Church even though in my early and more ignorant days as a Christian, I once attended a Church that was quite charismatic in their evening services. I even went on evangelism tours with these charismatics in my early Christian days until God had revealed to me that they were a false gospel in disguise as they followed a counterfeit Jesus. 

Indeed, as I was trained by God, He gave me a broad view of all the different types of Christian churches out there and what they believed to prepare me for the future ministry of bringing God's Final Judgment against them due to their many false teachings and practices. Anyway, as I sought to minister in all the various types of Christian churches with their doors for ministry always therein closing on me, why was this happening became my prayer to God. But my prayers were not answered until some time later. I wanted to minister and use my gifts in God's Church to serve Him, but it seemed like the spiritual forces rising up in the Church were evil and against me. So, I then began teaching the sciences in various public schools, but it wasn't long until I was thrown out due to my religious beliefs although this was not the reason they gave. Then, I was thrown out of teaching in a so-called Christian school because I did not agree with some of the charismatic garbage they were teaching.  

Well, It was some time later that the Lord finally revealed to me in the Bible what was going on. What He revealed to me was that the Church Age was over, and that God's judgment had come upon all the Christian churches by giving them all over to Satan who is the false or counterfeit Christ, the Antichrist, and that the true believers were commanded to come out of them all (see Why Leave All The Churches). No wonder I couldn't fit in - I wasn't even suppose to be in the church or synagogue of Satan! The Lord was in fact sparing me from Satan's attack by closing all doors of ministry in the church to me. It was an act of great love toward me that I couldn't then recognize, but now I can clearly see. All glory to my Lord, Jesus Christ who has set me apart as His prophet, loving God infinitely more than any human, called and chosen through Jesus Christ!